Custom Performance SUP SurfBoards

Whether you’re a pro charging through your heats or just someone that loves being on the water catching a few waves, we have the SUP surfboard for you. We believe in building performance. No matter what your ability level, you deserve a board that will bring out the best in you. With our recycled carbon construction, you are sure to get the lightest, most durable board in the line up, that is customized to your exact needs. 

Once you select the model that best fits your needs, you can fully customize not only your unique look, but also the length, width and thickness. This flexibility will eliminate the frustrations of a stock board and give you the perfect volume for your height, weight, and ability level. 

All of our custom surf shapes are cut with precision on our CNC machine then fine tuned by hand. The highest quality materials and resins combined with our unique recycled carbon lay up creates superior construction with the desired custom look and feel. 



Starting at $1899


The Mini Beast was designed with performance as the priority, and is our professional level SUP surf board. With thin rails and a pinched in tail, the Mini Beast will allow you to maximize every section of the wave. Without sacrificing any of the board’s maneuverability, we added just the right amount of volume in the nose, allowing you to get in to the line up, as well as, catch more waves. If you want to take your stand up surfing to the next level, there’s no better way than to have a custom Mini Beast made for you. 

Ability level: Above average to Advanced


Starting at $1899

daily driver

Hence it’s name sake, the Daily Driver is a board that should be in everyone’s SUP quiver. The Daily Driver is our “fun shape” that is designed to excel in multiple conditions. The fuller rounded nose helps aid in stability and wave catching, while the pinched in tail allows you to enjoy aggressive turns. Also, featuring a 60/40 rail for the perfect blend of stability and maneuverability. It’s fun in 2’ slop yet still performs great in solid head high surf. 

Ability level: Beginner to Advanced 


Starting at $1899

joe dirt

The Joe Dirt is a modified version of the Mini Beast. It’s still retains a short board shape, but features a touch more width in the nose and tail giving it added stability for those riders that need just a bit more volume. In addition to more volume throughout the board we added a 60/40 rail giving you the perfect blend of stability and maneuverability. The Joe Dirt is the perfect board for the rider that’s teetering on taking his surfing to the next level. 

Ability level: Average to Advanced