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The Flying Fish Board Co. 

is exactly the SUP you need,

at precisely the moment when you need it.

Flying Fish Board Co. builds performance paddleboards in Florida starting with premium closed cell foam blanks that are shaped to spec and constructed by hand in all carbon fiber construction. Each board is custom made to fit the rider and finished in premium epoxy resin tint that makes it stand out from the crowd. Designed for Upwind, Downwind, Flat Water, Choppy Water & Surf Sessions... 

...Find your Glide...




Flying Fish Board Co. Freeglide is the best damn SUP I‘ve ever’s a true all-in-one Flatwater, Ocean Race, Upwind, Downwind board that punches through chop and Surf’s Amazingly!!! Fast, Stable from rail to rail! I even ride tandem with my daughter on the front of the board! YEW!

Did I mention it was FAST!?!
— William Silliman
The Flying Fish Freeglide will SPARK a Revolution and change the SUP RACE World Forever...they are amazingly fast and stable!
I purchased a new 12’ Flying Fish Florida Glide and it is the best board that I’ve owned. Place your cooler on the board and go, super stable board you will not regret it!! Go see John and his staff, they are super friendly and will help you find your glide!!
— Phil Olavarria
I bought one of the new boards and absolutely love this board. It glides so nice through the water and looks killer too. John Meskauskas u r a genius bro. Thx again
— Jim Miller III