Custom Performance Raceboards

At Flying Fish Board Co. our reputation was built on our custom performance raceboards. All of our custom carbon SUP raceboards are handcrafted in America using only the highest quality materials. 

Once you select the model that best fits your needs, you can fully customize not only your unique look, but also the length, width and thickness. Giving you the perfect volume for your height weight and ability level.




Starting at $2499


The Freeglide is our flagship model. Its proven versatility allows it to excel in both flatwater as well as rough water conditions. With its unique design, the Freeglide has captured many podium finishes and not only has become the board of choice of our team pros but also for many elite paddlers.

Some design features of the Freeglide includes a slight displacement, starting at the nose, that perfectly blends into a planing hull. This entry then continues with hard rails into the double concave bottom under the standing area. This allows for ultimate stability. Moving towards the tail, the double concave transitions into the perfect amount of deadrise allowing for clean water release with no drag. 

In addition to being an elite race board design, your Freeglide can be customized to become the ultimate light weight touring board. Customization can include extended width, bungee tie downs for gear, cooler tie downs, go pro/gps mounts and additional handles. 

By answering these few simple questions, you can determine that the Freeglide is the board for you:

  1. Are you limited to owning 1 board?

  2. Do you paddle in ever-changing conditions?

  3. Are you tired of bringing 2 boards to a race?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, click the link below to design your dream board.


Starting at $2499


If lakes and inland waters are your primary paddling grounds than the Flying Fish Flight is the raceboard for you. With a flatter rocker profile and a slightly pinched in tail this shape excels in flatwater. The ultra light weight construction and a sharp entry allows for quick acceleration and ultimate distance per stroke. Like all of our custom raceboards the Flight is constructed with the highest quality materials and carbon fiber. 

Starting at $2499

Starting at $2499


Feel a sense of Freedom, our newest model in our raceboard line up. The Freedom is aptly named, with an increased rocker profile and a buttery smooth nose design, this board will give you the freedom to tame rough ocean conditions and downwind situations. Don’t be fooled, the Freedom is no slouch in the flatwater, making the Freedom an excellent choice as an all around raceboard.